Participate in a Webinar or Meeting

In order to participate in a Skype for Business meeting, you will need to have Skype for Business installed on your computer. All Palm Beach State College computers have this software installed. If you are participating on your own computer from another location, you can choose to install the Web App plug-in, which will allow you to participate in scheduled Skype for Business meetings and webinars. Once the Web App is installed on your computer you will not have to install it again. The biggest difference you will encounter when taking part in a Skype for Business meeting through the Web App is the sign on aspect. Instead of using Palm Beach State credentials, you will attend the meeting as a guest.

Join the Meeting

In order to join a Skype for Business meeting, a link to join the meeting will need to have been shared with you.Joinh Skype Meeting detail links from outlook meeting You will use this link to begin the process of installing the Web App plug-in. 

From a College Computer - Click the Join Skype Meeting link

From a home or other computer - Click the Try Skype Web App link - Follow your computer’s instructions for downloading and installing the plug in. When prompted, select to Trust and Allow and/or Allow and Remember the website and plug-in file.  Join the meeting as a guest by typing your name in the guest box or sign in using your PBSC credentials (PBSC email address and password). 

Click Join the meeting.




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