How will salary adjunct faculty be paid in Workday?

Paying  salary adjuncts in Workday will initially mean that some activity happens in PantherNet, and some activity happens in Workday. The diagram below provides a workflow of how the process will work. After January 1, 2018, all new adjuncts will be hired into Workday. Once hired, their information is sent back to the HR system in PantherNet, which allows the adjunct faculty member to be credentialed in PantherNet, and have classes added to their schedule.

Then, the Academic Department executes the existing process where contracts are loaded into PantherNet for all adjunct faculty. From these contracts, HR loads the Assignment Record into PantherNet. That information on the assignment is then sent back to Workday via an integration to create the Period Actvity Pay record, so that payroll can be run through Workday.

If the academic department does not submit a contract, or if HR does not process the contract, the  salary adjunct will not be paid. Hourly adjuncts are paid through the department's reporting of their hours, or the employee's reporting of hours with supervisor approval. 

If you still need assistance, submit a ticket to HR - Records.

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