What do I need to include in the Job Description sections?

Within the Job Description section of the Requisition, one should include Minimum Qualifications as well as Duties and Responsabilities. If the posting is designated as a Replacement Position during the Recruitment Information step, the Job Description field, should auto populate. 

If there are additional requirements for a position, this can also be added to the Job Description section.

Example of additional requiremet information : Faculty

  • Required Attachment(s) listed here
  • Please attach the required documents to your application: (i.e., Resume/CV, cover letter, transcripts)

Refer to the Job Aid available for the job requisition type that you are creating for additional information. Job Aids available are:

Note: You will be required to log in with your PBSC credentials to view Job Aids.

For questions or concerns regarding the Job Description section of the Job Requisition, contact HR - Recruiting.



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