How can I cancel a job requisition?

How can I cancel or close a job requisition?

If your Job Requisition has not been approved yet, you can cancel it.  The Job Requisition will no longer be active.

Canceling a Job Requisition - if Job Req has not been approved yet

  1. Click on your "Inbox"
  2. Click on "Archive" tab
  3. Click on the Job Requisition you created
  4. Click "Cancel" at the bottom of the screen
  5. Make sure to add your comment as to why you're canceling the Job Req, and then click "Submit".

For Position Management positions, you cannot create a new Job Requisition for the position on the same day the Job Requisition is closed.

For questions or concerns regarding closing a Job Requisition, contact the recruiter listed on the Job Requisition.



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