How do I progress a candidate forward or decline?

There are several ways to move a candidate forward (progress) in the recruitment system. You must be in the role that has access to the stage the candidate is in, in the system. 

To Progress a candidate:

  1. Locate the candidate through the inbox and select progress from Review to Screen for regular Part/Full Time positions OR from Review to Adjunct Assessed for Adjunct positions. A candidate can be progressed from Review to Decline for Adjunct positions only.
  2. Locate the candidates tab on your Job Requisition and click on the candidates name. At the bottom of the candidate's application you will see the move forward or decline options.

Additional information on this process can be viewed using the Review Candidates Job Aid. You will need to log in using your PBSC credentials to view the Job Aid. 

For additional questions or concerns, please contact the recruiter listed on the job posting.


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