How do I log into Workday?

On-Campus Computer:

  1. Click on the Workday icon from the desktop.
  2. If using a browser other than Explorer or Edge, sign on with your User ID and password.
  3. If using Explorer, you should be automatically connected through Single Sign On.

Off-Campus Computer:

  1. You will first need to setup dual factor authentication using Microsoft Authenticator on a mobile phone.
  2. Go to the website:
  3. Sign-on using your UserID and Password 

 Mobile Application:

1. Download the appropriate app for your phone type (Android or iPhone)
2. Download the Microsoft Authenticator App and follow the steps to set up dual-factor authentication on the device. This may also require you to use a desktop computer as part of the setup process. 
3. Follow the instructions for locating the Palm Beach State College tenant.
4. The device will ask you to verify your identify on the device - confirm by entering the code or hitting the verify button.
5.  The app should load the Workday tenant. 

For additional directions on setting up the Mobile App use the Workday Mobile job aid.

If you still need assistance, submit a ticket to the Service Desk.

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