How do I determine if I have an open job requisition?

If you are a Manager, click on the My Team worklet and then click My Org Chart. Now click on the specific (Unfilled) position.  Is there an Open Job Requisition tab?

  • Yes!  Great!  That means there is already a Job Requisition tied to this position.  Contact HR to make any updates like post the position, etc. 
  • No! You need to Create a Job Requisition by clicking on the “Actions” button at the top of the screen by the title, now hover over Job Change, and then click Create Job Requisition.  (Or your Administrative Assistant can create the Job Requisition.)  

If you are an Administrative Assistant, you will only be able to see Open Positions by starting the Create Job Requisition task and choosing the specific (Unfilled) position in the “For Existing Position” field.  These are open positions that do not have a Job Requisition created for them yet.  Unfortunately, once the Job Requisition you created has been approved, you will no longer have access to view it in Workday.      

If you still need assistance, submit a ticket to HR Recruiting.

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