Outlook on the Web - How To Login

Outlook on the Web is commonly referred to as Outlook Web Access, OWA, or Outlook online. It allows a college employee to log into their email while off campus using their Palm Beach State College email address, password, and their perferred two-factor-authentication method. 

To log into Outlook online:

  1. Navigate to palmbeachstate.edu/O365, or:

  • From a computer:

  1. Go to palmbeachstate.edu, select the Menu button in the top right corner, then select Faculty/Staff Resources

Select the Menu button in the top right corner, then select Faculty Staff Resources

  1. In the green boxes to the right, select Outlook Web Mail.

Select Outlook Web mail

  • From a mobile device:

    1. Go to palmbeachstate.edu, scroll down to the very bottom of the page, then select Faculty/Staff.

Select Faculty Staff option

  1. Click the Menu drop down button and select Outlook Web Mail.

Select the Menu arrow button then select Outlook Web Mail

  1. When prompted enter your full Palm Beach State College email address in the email address box.

Enter in your full palm beach state college email address

  1. The webpage will redirect you to the ADFS portal for authentication. Enter in your Palm Beach State College password, then select Sign in or press Enter on the keyboard.

When redirected, enter in your palm beach state college Password

  1. Your Two-Factor Authentication method will be triggered for your approval. This allows a verification to confirm that you are indeed the person logging into your email account. Once verified, you will be logged into your email account online.




If you have any further questions feel free to contact the Service Desk at 13100 or (561) 868-3100.

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