Add/Remove Access To/From a Department Network Share

Applies to: Employees

  1. Open any folder and click on Network.
  2. Click Search Active Directory.

Windows 7:

Image of the network window on windows 7


Windows 10:

(Note: in Windows 10, click "Network" at the top left after clicking "Network" at the bottom, then "Search Active Directory" will show):

Select Network then click Network at the top left, then click search active directory

  1. Type the name of the share, and click Find Now.
  2. Double-click to open the appropriate access group.
    • RW = Read/Write Access.
    • RO = Read Only Access.
    • Groups with -Local (Do Not Modify)


To Add an Employee:

  1. Click Add, then type the employees name in the following format: Lastname, Firstname, or by email address.
  2. Click Check Names to confirm the name. You may add multiple employees separated by a semi-colon.
  3. Click OK. The employee will need to log off of their computer for changes to take effect.


To Remove an Employee:

  1. Select the employee from the list, then click Remove.
  2. Click OK.


If you need further assistance, please submit a generic request, and you will be contacted by the Service Desk.


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