Streaming Video in Live Zoom Sessions

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Note - Not all videos can be shared while using Zoom.

Paid Streaming applications like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video will not work over Zoom because of copyright issues.
Videos from Open Athens (an educational content platform through the PBSC Library) may also be blocked.

The "Films on Demand" App in Canvas may be a workaround.

Streaming platforms have built-in properties that recognize when screen sharing is being used and will blank out the screen to the users you are trying to screen share with.

Some courses utilize video to assist in the teaching of a subject, which can still be done while using Zoom during a live class. 

Here are the steps to share a copyright permitted video during a Zoom meeting. 

Step 1

Click on the Share Screen button on the Zoom control bar.

Step 2

Select the screen you want to share with the group by clicking on the thumbnail image. 

This will add a blue outline to your selection.

Step 3

Enable the [Share sound] and [Optimize for video clip] by clicking on the box next to each


 - By default sharing the sound along with the screen is off to prevent your computer from playing a notification sound while sharing the screen. 

Step 4 

Click on the Share button in the bottom right.






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