How do I accept or decline offered aid, like Loans, in Workday?

Please watch the "Accept or Decline All Offered Aid" chapter of the Financial Aid in Workday Student training video for a full explanation and demonstration of how to view, accept or decline offered aid, such as Loans, in Workday. The process shown in the video will also function if you would like to Cancel any previously accepted loans. HOWEVER, If funds have already been disbursed to your student account, declining will likely cause a balance to be due to the college.

If you would like to modify any previously accepted or declined Federal Direct loan amounts, please refer to the Financial Aid Loan Request training aid for assistance with this separate process. 

Please contact the Office of Financial Aid should you have any questions or need additional assistance.


NOTE: There are federal maximums that students are eligible for. We cannot process for amounts larger than those maximums.


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