How can I do an evaluation of academic requirements for a Program of Study in Workday?

Utilize our Evaluate Academic Requirements job aid for assistance with this two stage process in Workday. 

Performing an evaluation of academic requirements for a Program of Study and then viewing that evaluation is a two-stage process. You must first perform the Evaluate Academic Requirements Task and then access the View Evaluated Academic Requirements Report to compare the desired Program of Study graduation requirements to what you have already completed.

NOTE: This process assists you in evaluating the Academic Requirements for graduation from a specified Program of Study. The report displays which of these requirements you have already completed and what you would still need to complete in order to graduate from that Program of Study. This DOES NOT display the Admissions Requirements for the specified Program of Study if it is Limited or Controlled Access. Please also refer to the current College Catalog for the Admissions Requirements to your desired Program of Study. 


NOTE: This function will become available for students in Workday beginning with Fall 2021 registration.


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Wed 1/13/21 11:38 AM