Can I request a course section re-requisite override in Workday?

Yes you can! Utilize the Request Course Section Pre-requisite Override job aid for assistance with this process.

NOTE: This function will become available for students in Workday beginning with Fall 2021 registration.


Before you begin this process, you will need to make a note of the Academic Period, Course Code (ID) and specific Course Section you would like the override for. This information is required while filling out this digital form.

By completing the digital form within Workday, you will be submitting a request for an override of a course Pre-requisite. If you have previously taken the course Pre-requisite at another institution, please ensure that we have received your transcript from that institution prior to completing this digital form.

NOTE: This Pre-requisite Override is submitted for, and thus applied to, a specific course section for a specific Academic Period. Once the override is processed, you will only be approved to register for the specified course section during the specified Academic Period. If you decide to register for a different course section and/or during a different Academic Period, you will need to submit a new Override request.

For assistance with filling out this form, please contact our Information Center at: (561) 967-7222 or (561) 868- 3350 and Toll Free at (866) 576-7222


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Tue 1/12/21 4:26 PM