Where do I see when I can register for classes ( Registration Appointment ) in Workday?

A Registration Appointment lists what day/time you are permitted to register for course sections for an Academic Period. Multiple Registration Appointments may be assigned to you, however you are permitted to register starting at the earliest date/time shown. refer to the Registration Appointment job aid for assistance on where to locate this in Workday.

NOTE: Registration Appointments will become available for students in Workday beginning with Fall 2021 registration.

NOTE: If you are within your Registration Appointment window and are still unable to register for course sections you will need to check your eligibility due to holds, that you have satisfied pre-requisite courses, that PBSC has received and processed relevant placement scores, etc. If you are still unable to register after checking these factors, please schedule an appointment with your Academic Advisor

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Tue 1/12/21 4:12 PM