Where do I complete my "New Student Onboarding" items in Workday?

Once you are able to log into Workday, go to your Inbox and complete each Action Item. The initial Action Items contained in your Inbox are considered Onboarding items, which may place a hold on your course registration until they are Submitted and processed by Palm Beach State College. 

Important Notes:

• Once an Action item is complete, some of those items will show in your “Archive” tab for 30 days.

• Students should check their inbox regularly as additional action items may appear throughout your college career.

• You can Upload/Attach required documents to the indicated areas within these Action Items for submission.

• Clicking Save for Later or Cancel will not submit your Action Items, causing them to remain in your Inbox.


Based on your enrollment status, some Action Items may include:

• 1098T Delivery Preference (income Tax Information Notice)

• Manage Payment Elections: Student Onboarding

• Review College Policies and Procedures

• Title IV Authorization

• Florida Residency for Tuition Purposes.


Additional information regarding Onboarding items can be reviewed in our Onboarding Job Aid


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