On Campus Proctored Testing during Covid-19

On Campus Proctored Testing during Covid-19

Instructions for Students

How to set up an on campus testing appointment

Tests are by appointment only and faculty must fill out a request form before students can make their appointment.  Appointments must be scheduled two days in advance and the appropriate form must be submitted by the instructor BEFORE the appointment can be made.


  1. Inform your instructor of your need to have an on-site test
  2. Have your instructor fill out and submit the On-Site Remote Testing Instructions Form to SLC@palmbeachstate.edu; the form can be downloaded here.
  3. You instructor should inform you that they have submitted your form and you are ready to schedule your appointment.  Call the Student Learning Center at 561-862-4485 to schedule your appointment.  Remember appointments must be made 2 days in advance
  4. You and your instructor will receive an email confirming your appointment
  5. Adhere to the following guidelines:
    1. All students must have a scheduled appointment for testing
    2. Students should arrive 15-20 minutes ahead of scheduled appointment to allow time for Check-In Instructions and to begin test on time
    3. Students must wear a face mask (covering both the nose and mouth) while on Campus; Students that do not have a cloth or disposable face covering will not be allowed to test
    4. Students exhibiting signs of COVID-19 will not be permitted to test
    5. Students must sanitize their hands when entering the SLC
    6. Students must present a Valid Picture ID; acceptable forms include a PBSC Student ID, Driver’s License, or a Passport
    7. Students must leave all personal items properly secured in vehicle; only test items approved by Course Instructor will be permitted in the SLC
    8. Students must follow the Social Distancing Guidelines outlined by the College while on Campus



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