Draft receipts: How to CANCEL or SUBMIT for approval

A draft receipt is simply a receipt for a purchase order item, that has not been submitted for approval; it sits in the initiator’s que in a draft status awaiting further action by the initiator. A draft receipt will prevent a purchase order from being closed thus must be resolved. Be careful when creating a receipt – it is easy to create a duplicate receipt, which will end up as a draft receipt that must be cancelled.


STEP 1A: If you know the receipt number: Enter receipt number in the Workday search bar and Skip to Step 2.


STEP 1B: If you do not know the receipt number. You have TWO options:

Option A: PO Number. Type the PO number in the search bar

Option A continued: Scroll down to Goods or Service Lines. Scroll right to find the Business Document Lines column and click on the draft receipt.

Option B: Type “Find Receipts” in the Workday search bar. Not all users have access to this report.

Option B continued: Select “Draft” from the Receipt Status field and click “OK”.

Option B continued: Click the appropriate receipt number.

STEP 2: Either of the two search options shown above will bring you to the draft receipt screen shown below.

STEP 3: From the related actions tab under Receipt, you may see one of two options.

Option A: You see the option to cancel. Click “Cancel” then click “OK”.

Option A is now complete. The receipt has been cancelled, you may stop here.


Option B: You see the only option to edit. Click “Edit”.


STEP 4: Delete each receipt line separately. Use the trash can icon on each line.


STEP 5: From the related actions tab next to the receipt number, click on Receipt then Cancel.


STEP 6: Click OK and you are done.


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